This week’s home practice includes:*


1a. Audio: Alternating the Yoga practice (Lying Down Sequence) with the Body Scan using the recordings for 6 days. You have a choice to do the yoga practice either by listening to the guidance using the audio recording, or by self-guiding using the handout. You might try alternating between the two options.

 See Note/Caution at the Course Introduction section regarding yoga

Mindful Yoga: Lying Down, by Mark Dannenfelser (use recording 6 days this week, approximately 45 min)




1b. Audio: Body Scan, by Mark Dannenfelser (use recording 6 days this week, 45 min)



2. Audio: Sitting Practice (using the recording for 6 days, 15 min). Practice sitting with awareness of the breath. This is not about controlling the breath, or doing a breathing exercise. Just try being with the breath as it is, and noticing when the attention wanders. As soon as you notice that the attention has wandered, deliberately return the attention to the breath. When it wanders again, bring it back again.

Sitting With Awareness of Breath: No Verbal Guidance





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